Classic surfboard-inspired shape and feel

  • Stylish pintail deck

  • Soft wheels to soak up sidewalk cracks

  • Vintage hues and cues


What makes Pintail different?

This pintail longboard nods to mid-century surfer ambitions with a classic surfboard-inspired look and feel. Its shape prevents the wheels from rubbing the deck (“wheelbite”), so you can slice corners with precision, balance, and speed.


Designed for the smoothest ride


Zed Pintail’s durable wheels will soak up road bumps, while reactive, smooth gliding reverse kingpin trucks with precision bearings offer full movement and control over your board.


Vintage hues and cues


1960s surf culture and days spent on the beach inspired our entire longboard line. Vintage hues, retro cues, and a whole lot of style.



Retrospec Skate Zed Pintail Longboard