Your step-through and speed off ride


Modern E-Power meets vintage motif in our Beaumont Rev City E-Bike. This step through electric bike will amp up your daily commute or leisurely cruise with six levels of pedal assist, on-demand throttle boosts, and 7 speeds. Haul it all with a bike rear rack, stay visible with a front and rear light, and ride rain or shine with protective fenders.


Li-ion Battery batteries are durable and long-lasting and offer a range of  28-37 miles. Anticipate a 5-6 hrs charge 


Start Aid 

Also know as walk-assist,the Start Aid funcuction can be activated, the motor pushes the bike 4mph without you having to pedal, saving you from initial wobbles 


Class 2

Not all e-bikes are class 2; ours are  this means  equipped with pedal-assit and throttle assisted function to get you crusing up to 20mph. 






RetrospecBeaumont Rev Electric City Bike - Step Through 350w